Come on, who’s placing chips on me unless I want to? What is Neuralink, am I going to be a robot? Are you crazy? IT IS LIKE HONEY! HOW DOES?

USAChina > Coronavirus > Vaccine > Chip > Neuralink (Remote control of the human brain)
Are we surprised?

Now let’s go back: Neuralink needed a chip for a chip, a vaccine for a vaccine, a disease that spread around the world (which gives 90% false results with false tests), as a result, China was needed, because they ate wild animals, the reason was finally the USA. ! Whose is Neuralink? Elon Musk! Who is Elon Musk? The richly dressed buffoon of global capital!


Important note: These theses are entirely my own. You can easily call it crazy…

Check out the Turkish source of this article

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